Anti-Slavery Policy 

Modern Slavery Statement – 2021/22


Published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, this statement outlines the steps taken by Andy Silvester Photography Ltd to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our business and supply chains.

  • Andy Silvester Photography Ltd continues to commit to providing customers with goods that have been produced in decent and safe working conditions, lawfully, through fair and honest dealings and without exploiting the people who made them.
  • Andy Silvester Photography Ltd expects all suppliers, customers, service users and agents to agree to our Code of Conduct. This Code also applies to the suppliers, manufacturers and any other individuals involved in supplying goods & services to our company. Our Code is designed to be fair, achievable, easy to check and to promote the ongoing development of our suppliers. It is the responsibility of our main suppliers to inform their subcontractors and agents of our Code and its content, and to ensure compliance throughout the lower tiers of the supply chain.
  • We have a long-standing relationship with the large majority of our supply base. Our Buying and QC team continue to visit our main suppliers and factories regularly to maintain and grow these relationships. Any new supplier or factory proposed to us must complete the supplier and factory set up process before any orders are agreed. This process ensures we have the appropriate visibility of the factories being used and commitment from the agent and factory representatives to our Code of Conduct and ethical policies.
  • We work with an established supply/Customer base and build close relationships with our suppliers, Customers and agents. We understand that our biggest exposure to modern slavery is in our supply chains, where we will continue to undertake due diligence to minimise this risk. Our services are predominantly sourced within the UK and comply with all current statute.
  • For all of our services our own in-house audits are completed and qualified, along with any corrective action progress reports for any non-compliances found. These audits are undertaken against ethical codes and statutes and consist of site tours, documentary reviews and worker interviews. Our QC team works with the suppliers, customers and/or agents to ensure any non-compliance is resolved in a timely manner relative to the associated risk of the matters of concern.
  • Andy Silvester Photography Ltd are committed to continuing to address and minimise the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chain. We will continue to review our policies and processes throughout the next financial year. Our Buying and QC teams will continue to visit our main suppliers and factories to further our working relationship and involvement within our supply base. We will continue to prioritise visits to factories based on higher risk areas and are committed to increasing the transparency within our supply chain year upon year.

This statement was approved by

 Andy Silvester Photography on 18 December 2021




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